Double DUBL


The box contains:

1 DUBL Brut Edition I, Metodo Classico, 750 ml
1 DUBL Rosé Edition I, Metodo Classico, 750 ml

4,500 kg


Wine Type

Sparkling wines




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It all started 20 years ago in Irpinia with a vision: express the full potential of the best Campanian indigenous grapes & bring it to a new horizon never explored before: A methode champenoise. To achieve this ambition, we have collaborated with the best of Champagne’s expertise – Anselme Selosse who was amazed by what Greco & Aglianico had to offer: an incredible minerality & freshness, perfect to create fine sparkling wines. Located on the Apennine mountains, with heavy rains, snowfall & wind, as well as volcanic soils, Irpinia is not the typical South of Italy, it is un-expected.

Beyond wine, DUBL [pronounced double] is a universe inspired by design & architecture. The two bottles have been designed by the best of Italian design: Massimo Vignelli (DUBL Edition) & Fabio Novembre (DUBL Esse).

DUBL is a universe open to creative minds and pioneers from all over the world, inviting curious enthusiasts to explore a new expression of indigenous varieties with a strong legacy.

Last June 2022, DUBL became the first Italian Metodo Classico to be certified B Corp & Equalitas.

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