DUBL Brut Edition II

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The new cuvée DUBL Brut Edition II is made from Campania’s best grapes: Greco.

From the outset the ingenious designer, Massimo Vignelli, curated the brand’s visual identity and created the DUBL labels and bottle, immediately recognisable from the two overlapping squares: one in gold with the DUBL logo is the same for both cuvées, while the other specifies the Edition.

To celebrate the launch of the DUBL Edition cuvée, and as a tribute to the work of Massimo Vignelli, the packaging and boxes will call to mind the original sketch of the bottle.

1,800 kg

0,75 lt con astuccio, 1,5 lt con astuccio



Wine Type

Sparkling wines




24 months time on lees


It all started 20 years ago in Irpinia with a vision: express the full potential of the best Campanian indigenous grapes & bring it to a new horizon never explored before: A methode champenoise. To achieve this ambition, we have collaborated with the best of Champagne’s expertise – Anselme Selosse who was amazed by what Greco & Aglianico had to offer: an incredible minerality & freshness, perfect to create fine sparkling wines. Located on the Apennine mountains, with heavy rains, snowfall & wind, as well as volcanic soils, Irpinia is not the typical South of Italy, it is un-expected.

Beyond wine, DUBL [pronounced double] is a universe inspired by design & architecture. The two bottles have been designed by the best of Italian design: Massimo Vignelli (DUBL Edition) & Fabio Novembre (DUBL Esse).

DUBL is a universe open to creative minds and pioneers from all over the world, inviting curious enthusiasts to explore a new expression of indigenous varieties with a strong legacy.

Last June 2022, DUBL became the first Italian Metodo Classico to be certified B Corp & Equalitas.

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