DUBL Brut Edition “The Vanity of Dionysus” by Fallen Fruit


In addition to the mural that covers the facade of the guest house Botanica, the Californian artist duo Fallen Fruit has exclusively designed a bottle of DUBL Brut Edition, our Classic Method sparkling wine, in a limited edition for the San Gennaro Foundation.
Available in 3.000 bottles, the proceeds will be entirely donated to the Foundation led by Father Antonio Loffredo and to his social development project for the district of Naples named Sanità.

La meravigliosa confezione contiene:

1 DUBL Brut Edition, Metodo Classico, “The Vanity of Dionysus” by Fallen Fruit, 750 ml

2,200 kg


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Sparkling wines




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Fallen Fruit are artists of the year. In 2023, the Californian artist duo Fallen Fruit – David Allen Burns and Austin Young – was involved in creating a limited edition label for the DUBL Edition, Classic Method, inspired by the site-specific work created in the winery.
A portrait of Dionysus is the title of the work of art created with spray paint by the two artists and which populates the entire facade of the new guest house Botanica, located inside Borgo San Gregorio. The project continues inside the building, welcoming visitors with a colourful wallpaper that embark them into a visionary world of flowers, colours and fruits.

The Californian duo signs the graphic project with their usual colourful and baroque approach, including a tribute to the god of wine and pleasure on the northwest corner of the building.
The statuesque figure, a representation of a 2nd century marble sculpture, is adorned with hand-painted flora and fauna from the region:
Grapes, Cherries, Peaches, Plums, Lemons.

David Allen Burns and Austin Young began working collaboratively on a project called Fallen Fruit that originated in Los Angeles by creating maps of public fruit: the fruit trees growing on or over public property.
From protests to proposals for utopian shared spaces, Fallen Fruit’s work aims to reconfigure the relationship of sharing and explore understandings of what is considered both — public and private.