Feudi di San Gregorio – Winery tour with FeudiStudi wine tasting


An immersive tour into the Hirpinian lands and the the world of Feudi di San Gregorio. Starting from the Herbal Essences Garden, passing by the WINEVISIONARY Gallery and its artistic works, we will discover the heart of the wine production, the impressing Wine Cellar, the élevage area of sparkling wines and the Historical Winery’s ancient labels. Then after walking along the admirable colonnaded corridor that overlooks the majestic Pietracalda Fiano di Avellino vineyard, a guided tasting of 3 labels of FeudiStudi line in our evocative crystal room or in the charming Wine Theater. These wines descend from ancient tales, were born from Pierpaolo Sirch’s knowledge and the most expressive vineyards. They are unique pieces in limited editions.

The gift card* includes:

Winery Tour and Wine Tasting of 3 labels of FeudiStudi line.
Duration about 1 h 30 mins.

Valid for one person. Reservation required.

*The gift card is valid for 6 months, has open date and can be used by booking, from Monday to Sunday, according to the availability of the winery. As soon as the order is completed, the gift card will be sent via e-mail together with the booking references.



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A combinatory evolution of nature and architecture, the original core of Feudi di San Gregorio winery was redesigned by Japanese architect Hikaru Mori, who translated the company’s philosophy into buildings through essential lines and high-impact indoor spaces and gardens. Massimo and Lella Vignelli, top representatives of Italian design in the world and “authors” of the winery’s labels, designed the interiors and the furnishings. Their brief was to come up with spaces suitable for excellent winemaking that had a vocation for beauty and, at the same time, gave the historical soul of Irpinia viticulture a contemporary face.
When it opened in 2004, the new winery was one of the first of its kind in Italy. It has twice won accolades as an example of architectural excellence at the Venice Biennale.

The winery is always open to working with internationally-renowned artists to recreate new stylistic approaches and interpretations of wine culture through art.

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