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The collaboration between the time-honored Capri company Carthusia and the DUBL bubbles, has led to the creation of a unique home fragrance combining the flavors of the Isle of Capri and the aromas of DUBL Rosé. Blended together in the Carthusia laboratories these elements have given rise to the unique olfactory harmonies of an exclusive fragrance.

Naturalia wooden box contains:

1 DUBL Rosé Edition, Metodo Classico, 750 ml
1 Carthusia – I profumi di Capri home fragrance diffuser,  500 ml
1 Naturalia canva bag with with an original design

5,000 kg



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Carthusia is an Italian Love Story. A story where the inseparable link to a unique land in the world is intertwined with the legend of the monks of the Certosa di Capri.

The history of the Perfumes of Capri, handed down over the centuries, from the times of Queen Giovanna d’Angiò until today, a time in which Carthusia is kept with great care and attention by the Ruocco family, Caprese for generations and always in love with their land.

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