Naturalia canva bag with with an original design contains:

1 Visione, Campania Rosato Igt, 750 ml
1 Herbaria. Plants, Modern Herbaria and Flowers Catalogues edited by Domitilla Dardi
1 BE CURIOUS pencil

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Rosé wines


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Herbaria is an original, finely illustrated book, suspended between art and science, from which to draw creative inspiration page after page.

An original book that brings together a rich selection of plant-themed works by designers, illustrators, planners, and artists. Masterpieces created with the most varied techniques, ranging from painting to drawing, lithography, photography and collage, with a commentary by Domitilla Dardi, a professor of design and museum curator at MAXXI in Rome. After an essential section on ancient herbaria, there is a series of artistic, fantastic, graphic, and multimedia herbaria, from the 19th century to the present day, intended for a cross-section of art, science, design and fashion enthusiasts.

DOMITILLA DARDI – Curator of Design at MAXXI Museum and Professor of History of Design at Istituto Europeo del Design in Rome, she writes for prestigious trade journals, is a member of the Scientific Committee and collaborator of ‘Interni’ magazine, and the author of numerous monographs and essays.

Stitched paperback with uncovered spine
24X33 cm
208 entirely illustrated pages

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